Table-Top Manual LASER Welder

Designed for High-Precision, High-Power and Heavy-Duty applications, with special attention to precious metal processing, EASY by ProLASER™ is the cutting-edge LASER Technology for Table-Top Manual Welding.

Power, Reliability and no Compromises

EASY is powered by a LASER Generator made originally for the CHAIN MAKING Industry where perfect stability even at high speed, high power, complete reliability and long-life components are essential features to succeed in a field where machines are taken to their limits and where there is no space for compromises.


Comfort and Design aren’t Details

Beautiful with its edgy shapes, the design of EASY is the fruit of long cooperation with an Industrial Design Studio. The aim of the cooperation was indeed to make good-looking equipment, with special attention though to Comfort and Ergonomics.

User interface

The user interface is designed to show, at a first glance, all the essential information such as working parameters and machine status. Furthermore, a deep submenu allows dynamic control of the system and its Settings. All the working parameters can be set and managed via Touch-Screen or, alternatively, via the Joystick located inside the welding chamber.

EASY is equipped with a wide 10″ Full-HD LCD touch-screen display that allows to read and set the parameters. Furthermore, each EASY is equipped with the so-called“ EMBEDDED CAMERA SYSTEM ”. The images captured by the integrated HD Video Camera are displayed on the 10 ”LCD without any delay or ghosting effect, allowing in any case to interact also with the Working Parameters. The ZOOM function allows a digital magnification of the images by 15x, 20x and 40x whicle the VIDEO function allows to record working sessions, saving the videos on an external USB.

EASY is equipped with IT solutions that allow you to connect the LASER welder within the workspace. For example, it is possible to connect an external screen via HDMI (optional), or connect EASY to the company network via WiFi, or connect a USB key and extract the videos recorded with the “EMBEDDED CAMERA SYSTEM”.


EASY-1, with its 150 Joules of peak power, allows the processing of all the most common metals such as Steel, Titanium, 18kt Gold, etc. This makes it suitable for light jewelry and dental applications. Its features make EASY-1 the perfect machine for a Small Goldsmith Laboratories or a Dental / Orthodontic Studios.

The 180 Joules of power that EASY-2 is capable of generating guarantee maximum operational flexibility, allowing to easily process even the most reflective metals such as Silver, Platinum and high-carat gold alloys such as 22kt and 23kt gold. EASY-2 is certainly the most suitable model for the Jewellery Industry.

Thanks to a high-quality LASER beam and its 200 Joules of maximum power, EASY-3 allows the processing of any metal in any condition. EASY-3, developed for the perfect solution for any task, is available in the “S” version which, thanks to its enhanced electronics, allows to complete even those tasks which require extremely high parameters and extremely high frequencies.


Since the very first steps of LASER Technology, the Stereo-Microscope has been the inseparable companion of all those who has worked with a manual LASER welder. ProLASER, with the intention of always supplying only the highest quality products, for its range of table-top LASER Welders uses only Stereo-Microscopes by LEICA.

Lynx EVO by Vision Engineering is an advanced eyepiece-less microscope capable to offer a
stunning High-Resolution 3D stereo viewing, with no stress for the eyes. Available on EASY,
Lynx EVO is a valid alternative to the LEICA’s Stereo-Microscope wchi is provided as standard setup.

Double Cooling System
EASY can stand 24h / 7d working sessions, in any environment, at any temperature, without interruptions, over and over again.
Cooling System
Double Cooling System

In order to withstand heavy duty cycles and to be able to work Non-Stop in those countries where the climate is extreme, EASY is equipped with a cooling system called DUAL-RADIATOR which is designed to sustain 24h / 7d working sessions, in any environment, at any temperature, without interruptions. The cooling system consists of a dedicated 6-liter tank, a High-Efficiency Pump, 2 high-speed convectors (whose speed is digitally controlled according to the temperature) which feed two radiators. The DUAL-RADIATOR Cooling System does not require the aid of any external cooler and it guarantees 24h / 7d working sessions. The cooling system, originally designed for industrial applications, is perfectly sized to meet even the most intense work demands and to operate in the hottest working environments, without interruptions.

Ergonomia e Comfort

The deep and spacious welding chamber may be accessed through the large 18cm front opening and it can contain all the tools that are commonly used by jewelers and even a storage tray. The bottom of the welding chamber is removable and allows access to the chamber with bulky objects, as well as allowing the collection and removal of precious metal residues such as dust and sparks. The internal suction fan guarantees the removal and exhaustion of all the fumes generated by the welding phases.

The armrest pillows are made of soft sponge and, being 7.5cm thick, they allow any operator to find the best working position right away. They provide solid and comfortable support to the operator’s arms, allowing maximum stability during the welding phases.

A better working position reduces muscle strain, relaxes the shoulders, facilitates concentration, and makes it all less tiring. With 49 centimeters between the line of the elbow and the line of the eyes, EASY offers the operator a comfortable and relaxed working position. The 38° inclination of the Stereo-Microscope is such to allow the operator’s neck a more comfortable working position, allowing to better endure longer work sessions.

The internal illumination system plays a key role in improving overall working comfort. In order to reduce eye fatigue, EASY is equipped with a LED-based illumination system that emits warm light with adjustable intensity, without any flickering or reflection.

Sophisticated Design

The pursuit for the right balance between – form and functionality – size and performance – comfort and usability – took some time but, given the outstanding result, it was worth it. EASY is a tool that is often seen in industrial environments where performance comes before aesthetics. Our ultimate attempt is to give importance to the aesthetic aspect, even when this does not matter .. without ever forgetting that EASY is used for 8 hours a day consecutively, and therefore comfort also contributes to the performance of the machine.

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